Recent Work: County Theater Design Competition, Doylestown PA

Our entry into the recent ideas competition sponsored by Doylestown's landmark movie theater. Our design was a bold statement that combined LED technology with simple streetscape opportunities.

The addition is set back from the main theater building to clearly differentiate the original from new. We also were able to create a public plaza for general pedestrian use and for Theater specific events.

A single design idea should provide multiple solution opportunities. With ours the original building remains the focal point; we provided a new street plaza; we create a new lobby with a glazed wall that also displays movie imagery; and created an addition that has space for up to two new theaters.


New Mixed-Use Building

Rendered views of our new three story building (in collaboration with Studio Hillier) that is under construction in Newtown Borough. Finally some solid infill on State Street replacing a long vacant car dealership parking lot.

The first floor will be home to three retail establishments, and the upper floors homes for nine families.

Here is the view on State Street with bay windows and entrance "stoops":

And the view of the west side with the retail arcade and terraces and balconies for the apartments:

So far, it is scheduled for completion the end of this year. Stay tuned...


Mc+C named 'Rookie of the Year' by Community Design Collaborative

The Community Design Collaborative in Philadelphia does really great stuff. If you don't know them, you should. Maybe you can even consider donating to them since what they do is important in the City of Philadelphia. If you want to learn more, check them out at

Back in 2014, we volunteered for our first assignment with the Collaborative. We were given the opportunity to work with the North 5th Street Community Development Corporation and six pre-selected business owners on a series of facade improvements each business through the Collaborative's rStore Design Consultation program.

This gallery shows the business that we got to work with. All the owners were all very interested in what the designs could look like. Some also fed us well! 

So here is what we came up with for each location. First up, Luther's Ribs R Us.

Next up is the Philly Bread Company. If you have not been there, make it a point to track them down!

One of the more challenging facades was for Jane's Grill on North 5th Street. It turned the corner and had a number of conditions that made a unified design very challenging. 

Beyond Babysitting actually had two locations. Each small commercial fronts on the sidewalk. We developed a unified palette and appearance to reinforce the brand.

Dyanna's Nails and Spa is located on a very high visibility corner in the southernmost part of the corridor. Once again the strategy was to provide a unified design and crisp color palette that was very visible to both motorists and pedestrians.

Finally, Custom Frames was the most challenging assignment. The facade actually spanned two separate but adjoining buildings. Our approach was to clarify the signage, introduce a landmarking device with a brightly colored entry canopy and provide some pedestrian level lights and planter boxes.

We are very grateful to the staff and leadership of the Collabortive for honoring our effort. We are already hard at work on a couple of other projects with them. Keep an eye on this blog for those projects in the coming months.


Here are some images from my trip to a beautiful city. More to follow! - RC

Sagrada Familia - Passion Facade

Cross Nave,  Look to Passion Facade  - Sagrada Familia

Estacio de Franco

Placa de San Josef Oriol

The Man of Steel Returns

Richard Serra has not one, but two, shows at Gagosian Gallery in Chelsea, New York this year. The 21st gallery has one monster sculpture you can get lost in — "Inside-Out":

My only quibble are the visible spot welds at the base of some of the plates. The 24th Steer gallery has four installations, all worth the visit — "7 Plates 6 Angles":

These are solid chunks of forged steel, rough edges and all- "Grief and Reason (for Walter)":

This field of plates was really wonderful to walk through-

The last piece was the most disappointing only because of the tape on the floor, don't touch! — "Counterweights":

Up through March 2014 — go see.


Design Review at Pratt Institute

Richard Scherr's Design Studio invited McAuliffe + Carroll Architects to the end of year design review- graduate architecture. Some of our colleagues included Adam Kushner and Theo David, who always have stimulating comments and observations.

The project was for a mixed used, artists live/work building on the East River in Astoria Queens. The waterfront of New York has become the new frontier of developement, so this project is timely.

Some of the 11 designs we reviewed...:

That was "after". Here is the "before":