Food and Drink

Re-Cycle Re-Purpose

My summer project was to take down our falling down fence. I took down each fence board, removed all the nails, and stacked them for trash removal. There were a lot of boards:

I left small stacks on the curb for the weekly waste pickup. Sometimes, though, the stacks would just disappear. Some time later I found out that a neighbor would take the boards to make birdhouses. Just last week he gave us one of the fruits of his hobby labor:

Yes, that is the remains of some of our fence, and that is a little bell. The roof- evidence of his refreshments:

 It made us smile!


2nd Avenue BBQ

Our new project for Mighty Quinn's, on the corner of 2nd Ave. and 6th Street New York City, has begun construction and is moving along quickly. This front window will soon be a glass overhead door:

Screen Shot 2012-07-25 at 2.18.35 PM

The building has an interesting footnote in rock history, as the Fillmore East was the neighboring building. A well know fire occured in our building, in 1968, causing the abrupt ending of a concert by The Who:



Mighty Quinn's, is setting up shop on the first floor after a very successful regular "gig" at Brooklyn Flea and Smorgasburg:

1223.MQ.A50.01 copy 2


Grand opening is planned for around Thanskgiving. Jusrt outside the front door is a "historic marker" for the Fillmore created by the wonderful Jim Power, The Mosaic Man:

Fillmore Mosaic-002

As for the Fillmore, not a trace remains:



Happy Hour- Dogs Welcome

A place with character and taste:


This place is called The Bar, or The Tile Bar, but I know it as WCOU. It is a classic, simple bar in the East Village of New York, and I have been frequenting it since... well the early 1980's. Neon clock, rock juke box, black & white checkered tile floor, original 80's teal tile in toilets, and 'Stranger Than Paradise' framed movie poster. Oh, beer nuts in bowls and Brooklyn Lager on tap!

Trixie the dog comes in with her owners on laundry night (so they say). She is the nicest dog and is quite clam with the happy hour crowd. I think she is the original hipster.

Trixie! April