Habitat House in Trenton

We just completed our plans for a new prototype house to be built by the Trenton affiliate of Habitat for Humanity. Breaking with their previous direction of a more suburban model, the Board of Directors and the Construction Committee both agreed to let us design a new, simpler model that is fast to construct and is very energy efficient. The exterior shell is constructed of 6 1/2" Structural Insulated Panels (or SIPs) which will provide a tight and well insulated enclosure. The use of SIPs should also decrease the overall construction time and allow Habitat to complete more houses in a year. Render-Faded Crop
 This initial design is for a detached single family residence, and later iterations of this will include attached single family (or duplex) and a row-house model. This project is being sponsored by Bloomberg and we hope to start construction this summer, pending approval by the City of Trenton. Check back for updates!


Groundbreaking Developments...

Caught your eye with that one, huh? Sorry, that is about as witty as I can get sometimes.

Everyone should know that there are two things in the world that do not really exist:

1: Breaking news concerning anything architectural

2: Architectural Emergencies

But breaking ground does happen on occasion in this office, and we were finally able to get a shovel in the ground on the new Fellowship Hall and Classroom Building for Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church in Long Valley, NJ. The project includes an event space for 150 people, 6 classrooms, storage and a new kitchen.


We started work on this back in 2007, when the church brought us in to solve a very sticky situation: The site is in a Registered Historic District, the church is a Registered Historic Structure and to make everything even more complicated, it sits within a flood plain with rock formations underneath that are prone to sinkhole formations. Just the type of project we excel at!

It took close to 18 months to receive approval from the local Historic Preservation Commission, which was better than our predecessor on the job was able to achieve (their submission was soundly rejected by the HPC with a 9 page denial finding), but the final design was well received and we are happy with it.


Now onto the real fun stuff - getting it built, and hoping that mother nature does not try to swallow it back into the ground...

Day 2 004
Day 2 002 

Check back on occasion as we will be posting updated photos on a regular basis.


Clinton Lofts @ 200 Hamilton

We have been working on the Clinton Lofts project since late 2008 and it has gone thru many iterations and a couple of name changes as well. The current design, which recently received preliminary planning board approval from the City of Trenton, will have 3000 sf of street level retail, three live/work spaces of 1200 sf each and 12 residential units on the upper floors. The third and fourth floor units will be two-level with roof decks and two or three bedrooms.

Here is a photo of the site currently:

Here are some early concept images for the project:

200 Ham_3
And, no, there is not a heli-pad in the project....

The project will be incorporating a large number of sustainable features and will be pursuing LEED certification under the LEED for Homes Program.

And finally, here are images of the current design, which hopefully will be close to what will be built:

0831-PB Perspectives_3
0831-PB Perspective__2
0831-PB Perspectives1

At this point, the residential units will be for sale and will be quite spectacular, with a two story living room and exposed stair cases, modern kitchens and baths.

The project is being developed by two Trenton based groups: The DeRosa Group and Urban Word, LLC. Check back here on occasion for updates on the project and a coming marketing/sales website.


New Market Specific Website

We have finally gotten the first iteration of our new PACE Community Center website up after several months to trying. Don't get too excited about it, since there is still a lot of information that needs to go into it, but at least it is a start.

PACE Center Design

If you are wondering why we have this site, it is directed at healthcare organizations that are interested in opening and operating a Program of All Inclusive Care for the Elderly. This model of care delivery started in California back in the 70's, and you can read more about it here. PACE is new to NJ, and we were the first architectural firm to design a NJ specific PACE community center for LIFE-St Francis. You can check out the project here. Click on the image that rolls over as LIFE St. Francis.

If you are interested in learning more about PACE in NJ, or PACE in general, please feel free to give us a call or drop us an email. We will put you in touch with the right person to answer your questions. Feel free to let us know what you think about the site too.