This is a great video. Stunning colors and a stunning city. I love how truly creative people can see beauty in the most mundane things (like navigating boats, not Venice!). The miniaturization effect is interesting, but maybe used a little too much. Enjoy!
[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/40977797 w=500&h=281]

Project Update- SJH LIFE

Our latest PACE project is well under construction for South Jersey Healthcare, and it is on target for opening in June of this year. This community center, located in a former Susuki dealership in Vineland, is a complete renovation of over 16,000sf over 2 floor levels. The exterior will be refinished for the new use:


The existing service drive-through on the left ending up being an ideal place for vans to drop off and pick up participants.

The entrance area after the first coats of paint:


We provided the building with three Activities areas. Activities 1 is the first space participants will experience. The existing overhead doors were removed and replaced with new 12' high windows:


The upper walls will receive fabric covered foam panels.


Activities 2 is next. This is a view towards the meditation room window from the serving/dining area:


Activities 3 is in the former showroom. We left the existing trusses exposed and repainted:


The view inside the future Clinic. This is where the Nurses' station will be:


And a view inside the Seaside suite. Again windows replacing overhead doors:


The new signs on the building are now being installed. The first one up is the logo for SJH:

Bldg branding full front 2011-03-18


Project Update - Zion Lutheran Church, Long Valley NJ

Here are some photos of the progress being made at the project in Long Valley. Everything is moving along well, even with the recent rain. The folks from Twining Construction (the general contractor) have really been well organized and are pushing everything right along.

It is always exciting to see the actual spaces emerge, especially on a project that we have been 'thinking' about for close to three years. I find that one of the most gratifying things about being an architect.

  0920-SiteVisit 10191014 small
0920-SiteVisit 10191004 small
0920-SiteVisit 10191005 small

Deconstruction is Back

No, not really. I would like to forget about that design trend.

Redevelopment comes in many forms. We are designing the renovation of this poor little house up near New Hope, PA. I just think the photo that Rich took is a classic.



Home Sweet Office

We have been steadily working on our office and have finally installed our snoots in the hallway wall. What is a 'snoot' you ask? According to the dictionary (Mac version), a snoot is a person's nose or a tubular extension. The word is a variant of 'snout', and is a favorite expression of an architectural element here at Mc+CA. In any case, ours are neat view windows set at seating height.


We also have the pleasure of two paintings on loan from Brian Brooks to display in our gallery/hall. Jim has known Brian since their college days at Pratt Institute, and his paintings are always welcome explosions of light and color. The scale of these large paintings, from circa 1986, compliments the proportions of our hallway. Thanks Brian!