Recent Work: CDC Updates & Award

We have now completed three projects for Philadelphia's Community Design Collaborative since 2014, including two projects last year that earned us their Rookie of the Year award!

Our first project was for the Variety Club of Philadelphia, a wonderful organization catering to children and youth with physical and developmental disabilities. We were charged with assessing their Widener Indoor Sports Pavilion building, which has been partially closed for several years. It is a striking building with a strong Louis Kahn design influence:

Our other project with the Frankford Avenue Streetscape Project for the Frankford Community Development Corporation. Our work focused on the 4600 block of Frankford where multiple streets intersect and the Arrott Transportation Center is located:


The Man of Steel Returns

Richard Serra has not one, but two, shows at Gagosian Gallery in Chelsea, New York this year. The 21st gallery has one monster sculpture you can get lost in — "Inside-Out":

My only quibble are the visible spot welds at the base of some of the plates. The 24th Steer gallery has four installations, all worth the visit — "7 Plates 6 Angles":

These are solid chunks of forged steel, rough edges and all- "Grief and Reason (for Walter)":

This field of plates was really wonderful to walk through-

The last piece was the most disappointing only because of the tape on the floor, don't touch! — "Counterweights":

Up through March 2014 — go see.


Design Review at Pratt Institute

Richard Scherr's Design Studio invited McAuliffe + Carroll Architects to the end of year design review- graduate architecture. Some of our colleagues included Adam Kushner and Theo David, who always have stimulating comments and observations.

The project was for a mixed used, artists live/work building on the East River in Astoria Queens. The waterfront of New York has become the new frontier of developement, so this project is timely.

Some of the 11 designs we reviewed...:

That was "after". Here is the "before":