Parking Craters of Trenton

Here is a thought provoking video on the phenomenon of 'parking craters' - one of the scourges of modern American cities.

Trenton is home to some fabulous parking craters. We enjoy the view of one of the larger one each and every day!

The County Crater @ S. Broad and Hamilton

In this aerial of Trenton, how many parking craters can you spy?

I will give you one (and in my opinion it is the most egregious one in the city):

State Crater - W Hanover and N Willow

It is hard to get the spatial impact and size of this area, so here is what it looks like from street level.

It is nearly 1000 feet across...

I have been looking for historical images of this area, but have yet to come across any. Once I do, I will update this post. For the time being, these are some of the surrounding buildings of the historic city. You can figure that this area was typically this dense and diverse.

Thanks to the Firestone Library at Princeton University, we have access to numerous Sanborn Maps of Trenton. Here are the 1908 maps of the area in question.