The Barnes Foundation

Barnes Visit-006
The entrance sequence is really throughtful and well done. One has to walk around the east end of the building, through a stepped garden, and past the reflecting pool to the entrance recess:

Barnes Visit-010

Barnes Visit-042

Barnes Visit-036

The craftsmanship is pretty impressive:

Barnes Visit-015

The stairs are darkly sculptural- similar to the African objects the Dr. collected. They are also very noisy and hollow sounding- not so good:

Barnes Visit-020

Reclaimed boardwalk planks were used in the great room. The floor felt wierdly spongy:

Barnes Visit-034

The gallery gates:

Barnes Visit-030

The patio:

Barnes Visit-032

Photography is verboten in the galleries, and the guards are aggressive, but I did manage to get a shot of the classroom furnished ala Nakashima:

Barnes Visit-028

A little bit of Ando in Philadelphia:

Barnes Visit-047