Midtown Walk Part I

Once upon a time, I used to work on 54th Street near 5th Ave. This was longbefore the stores, the gates at the intersections, Apple Store, and the crowds. I walked by St Thomas Church countless times, but never went in:

St Thomas

It was a true joint design by Cram & Goodhue (Ralph Adams Cram & Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue) in 1906, although some think Cram was the main designer. I remember when the exterior was cleaned in the mid '80s with a water spray system- for weeks, the runoff left stone dust on the sidewalks.

St Thomas-026

Entry into the narthex is instant soothing quiet:

St Thomas-002

The aisle on the side lot line:

St Thomas-005

The reredo is just spectacular and was designed by Goodhue and carved by Lee Lawrie:

St Thomas-014

All stone, no steel here:

St Thomas-015

Outside awaits...:

Fendi Lights