Buildings We Like- Hopkins

PU Chem Lab-011

Just opened in Princetion is the new Frick Chemistry Lab by Hopkins Architects. The whole thing looks like it was fabricated in a factory and assembled at the site. The color scheme is just a bit dry, but it is still striking. This is the main entrance recess:

PU Chem Lab-007

Each side has an generous arcade walkway:

PU Chem Lab-002

The center atrium is just an awesome space:

PU Chemistry-022

Stairs & bridges:

PU Chemistry-020

Refined details & finishes:

PU Chem Lab-005

PU Chemistry-019

PU Chemistry-028

I could not figure out if this column was really necessary, but it sure looks good:

PU Chem Lab-012

As an added bonus, you can get back to the main campus on the new pedestrian bridge: