Nearing the end.

Well, after almost four years of work, our project for Zion Lutheran Church in Long Valley, NJ is drawing to a close. As I write, the project GC, Twining Construction is wrapping up the stone veneer work and finishing up the little touches on the interior. ZC-16
It has been a very long project and has had its ups and downs, but in the end, I think it is quite nice. The best measure of success will be once the Church starts using the spaces and how accommodating the design is for them. I am keeping my fingers crossed. The site had so many peculiarities to it (flood plains and easements) that the final shape of the building is quite irregular, but ultimately satisfying. ZC-05

In our intial post on the project we spoke about the challenge of desigining the project in a highly restrictive historic district. Thankfully, that proved to be the toughest part of the historic work. As the construction has progressed, the members of the local Historic Preservation Committee have been totally supportive of the project. The chairperson has even gone as far to say on several occassions how much better the project is that she initially thought it would be.

The final piece of the puzzle is almost finished. Twining Construction is working on installing the stone veneer. Once that is complete, the site work will be finished and the building will be ready for move in.