The Twin Towers

WTC 1980s-001

When I lived in Brooklyn I took many photos of the city with my first camera (pre-digital). The World Trade Center towers were so big and obvious that I did not take many picture of them, but views with them. This is from the early 1980's. It must have been amazing to witness Petit's rope walk.

We could see them from the dormitory at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn.

WTC 1980s-002

This is a view from the observation deck of what was then called the RCA building in Rockefeller Center. It was remarkable how they anchored the view of lower Manhattan.

WTC 1980s-003

On Labor Day weekend in 2001 we spent the day walking downtown, including Battery Park City. This is a view from the North Bridge (which is gone) looking south towards the South Bridge. A bit of the Vista Hotel is there on the left. I recall that all the pedestrian and bike street-scaping had just opened.

WTC LaborDay 2001-002

I purchased these anonymous aerial photographs several years ago. This one was taken when the towers were under construction, maybe 1970. Even at this stage they were enormous.

WTC 1971-002

And soon after completion. The landfill area in front was created from the excavations from the foundations. That notch is where the marina and the Winter Garden are now located. I used to ride my bike on the elevated highway there, which was closed to traffic before demolition. Battery Park City was yet to be built.

WTC 1971-001