A Walk Across The Bridge

I have been able to walk (or bike ride) across the Brooklyn Bridge several times over the years, and it is always a pleasure. Saturday was no different: a bright, sunny, winter day with much to see. A truly remarkable design in that the promenade, as the walkway is called, was designed as part of the bridge from the beginning. The Roebling name is a significant part of our Trenton neighborhood and it is great to experience their engineering masterpiece. He we go up to the Manhattan tower...


The space created by the cable stays changes are you walk along. The staggered light fixtures are original to the design.


Up the river the passing of a D train created a wonderful play of light on the river. The sunlight bounced off the gracefully arcing trains and danced wildly on the water below (it hard to see oin the photo).


At the Brooklyn end awaited hot chocolate and a subway ride home.