Art All Night - Trenton 2009

Art All Night - Trenton is a great event that we have been involved with since its inception in 2007. That year the event had 1200 visitors and was deemed a huge success. Last year the event hosted over 5000 visitors and was enormous. 2009, ArtWorks (the event organizer) and the Art All Night team, are projecting up to 10,000 visitors over the 24 hours of the event.

Roebling Bld.

If you are not familiar with it, the function runs from 3 PM on Saturday to 3 PM on Sunday. It consisits of art by all types of artists from every age and every walk of life, music and food. Make sure that you mark it on your calendar and check out the links for submitting art, performing music, volunteering and being a sponsor!

For 2009, Rich is the Director of Facilities, which is a new position for the event. The event is now held at MCOS on South Clinton Street in the former Roebling Wire Works. It is a great space for the event and worth the trip just to check out the building! Thanks to Patti Peiffer for the great photo!