More evidence on the benefits of mass transit and why NJ needs more...

NJ Future once again hits the nail on the head with its recent report, Getting to Work. In it they point out that New Jerseyans are almost at the top of the class when it comes to commuting via mass transit (second only to New Yorkers). That is if you work in Manhattan or Philly. If you take those commuters out of the equation, then NJ falls right out of the picture. The infrastructure for in-state mass transit commuting just does not exist. You can count the number of light rail lines in the state on one hand and there are no real plans afoot for more.

The most disturbing thing that we see in the report is the fact that jobs are actually migrating away from transit centers in the state. This is a trend that needs to be reversed, and rapidly. We are hopeful that the President-elect's stimulus plan will provide funding and incentives for the development of more transit oriented development, but I am yet to see any direct citation of this. The NY Time has a decent review of what the infrastructure component might look like.

It may be oversimplified, but the success of the city hinges on adequate transit (and I dont mean cars!) Cities=Density. And the best way to maintain density is to not have to deal with providing parking spaces for cars that should be staying at home.